More than your average Disc Jockey

Meet The DJs

Peter Kiesel “DJ Jimmy Grizzley”

Peter began his musical career when he walked into his college dorm room in 1996.  His college roommate had a turnable set up in the room and so it all began and he never looked back.  Always having a passion for music instilled by his parents, he grew up on older genres from the 50s and 60s, while enjoying the “modern music” of the 80’s and 90’s.  Growing up in New York music was life and this was just the next evolution.  During college he worked with the campus radio station and further developed his craft.

Career moves brought him to California.  He began a non-profit company where he organized large scale, party atmosphere events to raise money for pancreatic cancer.  A passion for fun loving events, a creative mind and the desire to help made it a natural transition.

He continued DJing all types of events such as parties, sweet 16s, anniversaries, fundraisers, quinceaneras and weddings.  With more events, came more success only exhibited by the satisfied clients.

In early 2015 he decided to take his successful formula of event experience and organization with exceptional music knowledge and attention to clients needs to create GE Productions.  Since then DJ Jimmy Grizzley has worked diligently to become one of the best DJs in southern California.

With hundreds of events in his resume, he is always trying to improve his craft.  He is a a current member of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) in San Diego, CA, where he regularly attends meeting with other DJ’s to learn about emerging trends and technology in the DJ community.

DJ Nathan Shane

With 17 years of DJing in the books, Nathan Shane is highly considered one of the most Open Format, yet well rounded DJs in Southern California.  Nathan got his start in the entertainment business by entering DJ competitions and hosting a local college radio show in the early 2000’s.  Currently residing in Newport Beach, he brings an optimal level of performance that’s sweeping partygoers off their feet.

While gaining recognition among his peers and relentlessly mixing various genres of music, he has more recently pursued Video Mixing, which he finds to be more intricate and entertaining for his fans.  With the DJ industry being extremely competitive, Nathan works full time as a DJ performing in various venues, private parties, weddings, and red carpet events.  More information on his work and Social Media are available on his dedicated website

Reach him in the Social Media Space @nathanshanelive

Patrick Williams “DJ 70 West”

A Colorado native, Patrick Williams better known as DJ “70 West” is a  man who first discovered his love for music in the nineties. Patrick held family contests for the best mixtape, as he would copy the top 40 songs from live radio onto cassette tapes(young folk please use Google if you’ve never heard of these). His father was a skilled musician and Patrick spent many evenings listen to his father play the guitar into the night. Music in the Williams residence was a family love and he quickly developed a passion and ear for music.

Patrick’s vast musical background was established at an early age and continued to develop. Growing up in Denver the presence of West Coast music dominated the radio stations.  Legendary artists such as Dr. Dre, Earth -Wind & Fire, Cypress Hill and the parallel sounds of George Clinton “P-Funk,” were instrumental in Patrick’s development.  New emerging artists broadened an already extensive background from his family experience, fulfilled with classic artists such as Elvis “The King” Presley, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra and Chuck Berry.  70 West is a definite “Old Soul With a New School Twist.”

Patrick gained additional experience as a radio intern at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri in 2013. The radio platform expounded and he began hosting his own live Radio Broadcast.  Patrick also became the sound technician at his church. Within a year Patrick became a highly sought-after DJ in Jefferson City area.

Career opportunities brought Patrick and his and family to San Diego, California where he met Owner & Founder of GE Production’s Peter Kiesel AKA Jimmy Grizzley.  Since teaming up with GE Productions in 2017, Patrick has now DJ’d over 100 events spanning from radio broadcasts, weddings, private parties and non profit events. A definition of a true perfectionist, Patrick is detail oriented and ensures he plans to deliver what the client needs.  He is always discovering creative ways to connect music to hearts and leave people asking for more. Patrick continues to hone his craft and share his passion with others because “Music is Life!”

“The road to success begins with 70 West”!