DJ Services That are Essential for Your Wedding, Party or Event


A professional DJ Service does not only have experience in DJing parties, Weddings, Events or even a local nightclub…..  A Professional DJ Service reinvests in state of the art music and production technology such as Music Controllers, Digital Media, Music Files, DJ Lighting Systems, Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Reliable Transportation, Marketing, and the list continues to evolve.  More importantly than the thousands of dollars invested in the technology within itself, we want to make your Wedding or Event an experience that you will not forget!

Throughout San Diego there are many local djs for hire, mobile dj services, or the lowest price dj for your wedding reception which is normal form any industry.  Our ongoing mission and goal is to stand out from the average dj service by delivering to you a truly unforgettable experience that is defined through our passion, delivery, and innovation.

A Great DJ such as Peter, Nathan, or Patrick invests in our clients memories. The overall quality of our service is measured within our understanding  of our client’s needs, expectations, and then realized after we took all of the approprate steps to accomplish those goals.  This philosophy of our DJ Service is defined through our personal approach to making our clients happy and by our creativity and professionalism in applying the highlighted services that we have defined below.


GE Productions prides itself on being well versed in every genre of music.  Our DJs understand that is essential to have a comprehensive knowledge of past styles and artists, while remaining up to date with all the emerging artist and trends. Understanding beat counts and musical composition is a skill and necessary for match music and creating seamless transitions.  Our library has over 36,000 songs and we continue to add to it.  We have access to a massive database and record pools which contain exclusive tracks unavailable anywhere and allow us to give further options to make our clients events a cut above.


Every event is unique in it’s own way and there are many styles and designs in which lighting can be used to accent an event.  GE Productions provides various lighting packages which are tailored to each event.  Dance floor lighting with the use of strobes, lasers, LED derby lights and LED pars is essential to creating an inviting dance floor. Uplighting is a powerful element which can be used in a variety of ways.  Uplights broadcast a beam of light in an upward direction creating a beautiful effect which can compliment the color scheme of the event, or simply highlight a specified area.



An essential quality of any skilled DJ is the ability to Emcee an event.  Our DJs at GE Productions are proficient in how to read a crowd, when to interact and the style in which you engage the attendees of an event.  Each event is unique and Emcee & Hosting expectations are dictated by the client.  Be rest assured that whatever amount of Emcee service your event requires, our professionals will handle it according to your requests with refined distinct style and elegance.

Playlist Customization

Your GE Productions DJ will work hand in hand with you to lock in your musical tastes. You will be able to create a playlist via Spotify for the various elements of your event. In addition to that your GE Productions DJ will sit down with you and go through their library and continue to add to your already created playlist with music we suggest and you approve of. This element is unique to GE Productions, ensures your musical tastes are met and results in unparalleled success.

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Below are a list of preferred vendors GE Productions has worked with and stand by

San Diego Wedding Venues

GE Productions has worked with our clients and other vendors to create unforgettable events at the following venues:

The Inn at Sunset Cliffs

The Thursday Club

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

Marina Village

Milagro Farms Winery

Marriott Mission Valley

Campbell Creek Ranch

Loews Coronado

San Marcos Lake

Stone Brewery Point Loma

Mount Woodson Castle

Twin Oaks Golf Course

The Catamaran

La Gran Terraza

The Moniker Warehouse

Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa

Barona Casino

Ethereal Resort

The Harbor House

San Diego Swiss Club

Del Mar Powerhouse

Wedding & Event Planning

Annemarie Donaker Wedding & Event Planning

Courtney Dahl Carcioppolo

Kristana Burreece

Aubrey Huffman Details Darling

Jessica Mattly

Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography

Mino Pro Media

CJ Thomas Photography